MIKE KELLEY (Detroit, 1922) MARTIN KIPPENBERGER (Dormund, 1953 - Viena 1997)
From June 24 to July 31, 2010

In the program for our fortieth anniversary, we will open tomorrow an exhibition for Martin Kippenberger, with whom we started working in the year 1987, and for Mike Kelley, whose first show in the gallery was in 1990.
These two artists have already, in some occasion, made an exhibition together, during Martin Kippenberger’s lifetime. There was great friendship between them, but not one exempt of rivalry. This is the reason why we thought it would be great to present them together.
In order to get Kippenberger’s works, we had the magnificent help of his Statement, who let us have an extraordinary installation titled “Don’t wake up Daddy” 1994, which has already been shown in numerous museums of both Europe and America. We also have a painting from this same series “Don’t wake Daddy”, measuring 120 x 100 cm, and another painting titled “The Chair” of the series done during his stay in Seville. Finally, we show one last
painting, of great format, (240 x 200 cm.) from the year 1990.
Mike Kelley has sent us 40 gouaches, in paint and pencil, which have not been shown to this date, and where he has managed to throw in all of his wisdom and irony.
The show will be open until the end of this season, on July 31.