From October 29, 2020 to January 7, 2021


The exhibition consists of three works, three installations. All three have to do with the future as a projection of our desires. Therefore, all future has been formed in the past. We have built an idea of ​​the future that has now violently bumped against what we could never have imagined. And yet, for many scientists, the virus was only a matter of time … like the meteorite.

Modernity needs certainty, needs a future that behaves properly, civilized, foreseeable. We want to know at which age we will retire, the university our kids will go to, where are we going on vacation next week, the title of the film we will see this afternoon. But now, we cannot take any of this for granted. The uncertainty is absolute, as it was always the case, but now, we all know. It’s just a miracle we are alive. This human life is just an accident that perhaps only happened on this weird planet, and it can all end in a millisecond. Hence the title of this exhibition that groups three works: futurama. Futurama is “a preview of something that is not yet a reality: an indication of a potential model.”