Glenda León – El tiempo es un sonido que no escuchamos

January 1, 1970

Art cannot ignore the current climate emergency, which is why conceptual artist Glenda León (Havana, 1976) finds in listening the antidote to reconnect with nature through her sensitive view of everyday life. Through the metaphorical power of music, she invites us to contemplate the invisible and converts what normally goes unnoticed into sound sensations. Inspired by the iconography of the instrumental universe, this exhibition consists of delicate drawings, sculptural and performative works and a site-specific installation.

The resignification of objects that characterises the artist’s work leads to an interpretation of her works from a perspective that is both critical and poetic. In the compositions in which nature is the protagonist, the coexistence between straight lines and organic elements aims to rethink human customs and harmonise them with life cycles. This multi-species vision seeks to abolish any distinction that separates us from the environment in which we live and thus develop a broader sense of belonging. A conciliatory message based on careful processes of contextualisation, manipulation and association of objects.

During the opening, a concert was performed by the group Neopercusión, whose members, musicians from the Orquesta Nacional de España, activated the works in the exhibition. The performance showed the transversality of Glenda León’s work, demonstrating that her creations go beyond symbolic representation and are constructed as instruments full of sonorous nuances. The artist has used violin, guitar and harpsichord strings, as well as the authentic process of building a drum, to endow the moon, the sea or the flutter of a butterfly with musical qualities.