La sombra de Giorgio de Chirico

RUI CHAFES (Lisboa, 1966)
From December 14, 2013 to February 8, 2014

The exhibition “La Sombra de Giorgio de Chirico”, presented at Juana de Aizpuru Gallery,
is an homage that Rui Chafes makes to Giorgio De Chirico’s lonely path.

Six sculptures dedicated to the work of this artist will be presented, and two other sculptures that
evoque the flesh that inhabits us.

All of the sculptures in this exhibition are shown suspended from the ceiling; there is nothing touching
the floor. This state of suspension and lightness is a reflection of the world of fantasy where the
paintings of De Chirico take place, resisting the modern world.

The tribute that Chafes has decided to do highlights the search of the most arcaic sense in dreams,
reminding us all the silent and misterious presence of De Chirico’s works in our memory.

The sculptures are made of iron, as the rest of Rui Chafes’ works.