Cristina de Middel, Tim Parchikov, Wolfgang Tillmans
From June 3 to July 31, 2021

Once again we are taking part in PHOTO ESPAÑA festival. On this occasion, we are presenting three photographers with International projection: Cristina de Middel, Tim Parchikov, and Wolfgang Tillmans. 

By photographer Cristina de Middel, we are presenting 6 photographs from her new series MIRADOR, made in Lagos in 2018. These images were taken inside a car, focusing on the window’s filter, so the background (the street) looks unfocused. This perfectly captures the idea that those who are foreigners will never be able to fully understand the true life of the visited cities.

By Tim Parchikov we are showing new prints from BIZARRO series, in which he is currently working, together with CANARIAS series.

By Wolfgang Tillmans, we present a group of prints from different dates that have never been shown at the gallery, except for “Greifbar 21″, which deserves to be shown again due to its greatness.