TIM PARCHIKOV (Moscú, 1983)
From March 27 to April 30, 2012

This is the first time that we will present an exhibition by Tim Parchikov at the gallery. It is actually also the first time that this artist holds an exhibition at a gallery, if we exclude the one in Moscow that he works with.
This show is the result of Tim Parchikov’s visual exploration, both as a photographer and as a film director. It includes photographs taken during the last four years in various cities, both from Europe and Russia.
This project is, in Parchikov’s mind, a visual manifesto of the new generation of russian youngsters who, in the turn of the century, with total freedom of information and movement, found themselves unexpectedly confronted by an absolute isolation that leads them to a lonely journey of self-identification. Every time that they face reality in this journey, a type of suspense is created.
Parchikov’s images often evoke anxiety for their dramatic content and acid light. The invisible, the imperceptible, or whatever is happening off camera are every bit as important as the content of the photograph. His great ability to face aesthetics and dinamics is based on his knowledge of cinematography. He is able to obtain an exquisite colour palette, filled with lights, shadows and shades.
The exposition also incorporates the video “Matchbox”, made in six shots, that stages the execution of a young man. The scene is treated in a trivial matter. However, in spite of the abscense of tragedy, it fills us with horror. This drama is interpreted by only three characters.