Transitive Conditions

GLENDA LEÓN (La Habana, 1976)
From October 26 to December 7, 2016




Glenda León

I am certain that in the future, those humans who will survive will look at History with great sadness and perplexity: all the wars and the dead resulting from the religion, the power or the money; the blindly followed conventions: the nations, borders, etc. They will be amazed by the divisions on Earth, just as we would be amazed today if the air we breathe would be divided.

Part of my work has been dedicated to dissolve the differences among religions, focusing on the spiritual; on dissolving political borders to focus on the universal, and on deconstructing social conventions (such as money), to be able to see the world without this squared grid we generally see it. I have also evidenced what is in common among religion, sports and politics.

This exhibition will be like a path through the life of a human being of today, and also that being, who is a constant traveler, within certain social circuits. In that path are time, travels, and love affairs, but it is also a portrait of an ideal society whose fatherland is the world (“…fatherland is humanity” – José Martí) and its flag one and inclusive; whose religious icons cease to be the most important to give way to spirituality, to devotion itself, and to a behavior that does not betray the belief.

More than a real proposal, it is an interpretation of this condition, an awareness that everything is transitive and not forever; not just our lives – but the very status of things, of nations, values such as money, etc. To erase the transitive and keep the essential is perhaps the main proposal.

Madrid, October 22nd, 2016






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