Heimo Zobernig
From February 12 to April 10, 2022

In this exhibition Heimo Zobernig shows sculptures and paintings. The last ones were created using interference paint.


Since 2014 Zobernig has been addressing monochromy using these special-effect paints, which create particular impressions that alter according to the viewer’s standpoint due to the superimposition of light waves on thin, highly refractive layers.

After a series of paintings with a black ground that created the most striking impact with these paints, the current works are painted on white. The paint was applied with a palette knife. The monochrome white surfaces create a subtle iridescent chromatic impression contingent on the angle of viewing and the lighting. “In recent years I have contradicted the theme of the idealization of monochromy in painting with a series of works that show the difficulties of producing large homogeneous surfaces. In particular, the resistances encountered when handling special-effect paints suit me very well in this context.” -Heimo Zobernig.