TIM PARCHIKOV (Moscow, 1983)
From April 27 to July 15, 2019

The project Barriers of Vision was created in the Canary Islands. This archipelago is of volcanic origin, which imposes features on the natural landscape, and that in turn affects civilisation processes in this place.

When you get to the Canary Islands the eye must reconfigure if you intend to see, not just look.

Ordinarily we see what we know (since the eye is part of the brain that reaches the fresh air). On the Canary Islands you have to forget what you know and capture things that are mere supposition. In other words, you must destroy the barriers of vision.

On the archipelago the magic of the past and the present are glimpsed through each other, like two images in conflict as they are projected one on the other.

Force lines of spatial tension are discovered beyond the visible natural or architectural landscape. So the eye must refocus to capture this hidden phenomenon.

I devised a hunt for the invisible, revealed through the visible.

Lines from a poem by my father, the poet Alexei Parshchikov, circled in my head:

The paths of vision appeared, tangled like mycelium, I achieved changes, in so far as I could change.

These lines and the magical realism of Asturias and Márquez were consonant with the place and set the rhythm for my perception of the environment, transforming the optics of vision.